Editing requires a combination of creativity and logic, and a perfectionist streak. I calibrate my skills to work with writers at any level of experience, and I enjoy working with both first-time and established authors. I love helping writers make their books better and can come in on a project at different phases. Whether a manuscript evaluation, a developmental edit, or line editing, I try to find the balance between refining what’s there and preserving the writer’s voice, supporting the most authentic expression, and ferreting out the archetypes and themes to make the story resonate strongly. Recognizing that stories often come from a deep personal place and represent a huge investment in time and energy, I try to tune in to the writer's intent and always endeavor to make my criticism kind and constructive, encouraging the process, especially in early drafts, because few writers get it right the first time.

Communication is of utmost importance in the editor-client relationship. From the outset I determine whether I am a good fit for a project. For this reason I provide free of charge an initial phone consultation to determine what a writer is looking for in the way of editorial support.

Whether you are exploring an idea, building a manuscript based on existing materials, seeking feedback on and refinement of an existing manuscript, or just at the point of seeking a publisher or self-publishing your nearly completed manuscript and wanting that final finishing pass, there are a number of ways I provide editorial support. My fee at each level of editorial service is based on the length of the manuscript, and I provide a quote upon request, after an initial (free) phone consultation.

Manuscript evaluation
Developmental editing
Line editing and copy editing