Margaret Jones’ skillful, knowledgeable, and sensitive editing brought emphasis and clarity to my words and thoughts. —Christine Page, author of The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

Editor Margaret Jones was remarkable both for her attention to detail and the depth of her knowledge. —Victor Daniels and Kooch N. Daniels, authors of Matrix Meditations

Margaret totally gets my work, and I really appreciate everything she brings to the table. —Nicholas Pearson, author of Crystal Basics, Stones of the Goddess, The Seven Archetypal Stones, and Crystals for Karmic Healing

Margaret believed in me when I did not. She gave me the courage to continue pushing forward when I was ready to quit.  That kind of dedication and integrity, matched with creative insight, is a rare find these days. Working with her is more than an exercise in better prose and punctuation—it’s a partnership, a solace in the often exhausting, lonely experience that is writing a book. —Katie Davison, filmmaker, author, and activist

Margaret Jones helped assure consistency in the structure of the work and the clarity of the meaning in what can be a difficult field of study. —J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieroius, author of The Divine Presence

It has been my pleasure to work with Margaret on countless editing projects for Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. As a line editor, Margaret can always be counted on to do whatever is necessary to clarify the text, smooth and streamline the flow, and make order out of chaos. She excels at correcting and completing documentation (even when the original references provided are woefully inadequate), and she'll go above and beyond the call of duty to research a topic when, for example, a translation is so poor that the meaning of the text is unclear. Over the years she has been one of my favorite freelance editors to work with. —Laura Schlivek, project editor, Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

I have worked with Margaret for almost nine years. She is so much more than an editor, she is a creative partner in her approach, allowing me to express precisely what it is I want to say. She seems to read my mind in helping me get my message and words across to a worldwide audience. I feel blessed she has come into my professional life. There is no other like Ms. Jones. —Dr. Bobby Klein, founder Wisdom and Mystery School, psychospiritual counselor, author of The Empress' Secret, and I Ching interpreter

You have been the most careful and meticulous editor with whom I’ve worked, and your critical eye for detail helped shape this book into the work of art it is. Thank you! —Ocha’ni Lele, author of Sacrificial Ceremonies of Santeria

You did a splendid job! Your careful fact-checking saved me several embarrassing mistakes. And your review of my often-sodden prose did catch a number of totally distorted sentences (that generally derived from my last hurried rewrite). You also tightened up countless flabby passages. For all of the I am in your debt. —David Detzer, author of The Turbulent Days between Fort Sumter and Bull Run

I’m indebted to Margaret Jones, for her great skill in handling my manuscript, especially her attention to the fine details, and for catching mistakes that escaped my attention. —Haynes Johnson, author of The Age of Anxiety

We demand a lot from our freelance editors, and Margaret has always delivered the highest quality work, and always within the deadline set by us. I assigned Margaret some of our most difficult nonfiction manuscripts. She is a superb fact-checker, and I found her to be meticulous yet very flexible—very responsive to the author’s voice and to the demands of proper style and usage. Many of our authors have expressed their appreciation for her work to me, and she has been acknowledged in print by a number of them. —David Hough, managing editor, Harcourt